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Super  Health-Heroes UNITE!

"This game changes the game"


Founding Director - Yale Prevention Research Center, President - American College of Lifestyle Medicine

SMART choices, healthy habits, better world

At school, home and  in their community

SMARTgame® is a patented educational tool  that is delivered to  young students through school and takes place everywhere they go!  It engages all players in a fun daily challenge in which their own personal achievement decisions move them forward until new habits are formed. Accountability is learned as parents, teachers, and even community businesses unite in gentle support as valuable partners in student enrichment.  Kids practice the most important life skill - self-discipline!  Because of the physical, psychological, mental, emotional benefits that they experience while playing SMARTgame®, children become better students and happier people.


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Growing up WELL

Following the path of nature through daily, mindful action

"SMARTgame® is affordable, simple, and fun and there are no limits to its capacity to generate a healthier, more successful future for all who play!"

- Robin Organ, Founder and Executive Director, Project Green Schools


How to get it into a classroom

A textbook is a school supply that teaches a child a subject,

a SMARTgame® is a school supply that develops a success mindset and a healthy, sustained hunger for learning.

Buy it

$129 per class

When we join together to empower children to make smart decisions, we contribute very positively to our nation's health care system, education system, and economy!  Why waste energy complaining when we can take simple, shared action to improve things  instead?

 "Be the change you wish to see in the world".. - Mahatma Gandhi


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