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Multiple Intelligences

Gardner's Theory

No two are the same

Howard Gardner of Harvard has identified seven distinct intelligences. This theory has emerged from cognitive research and "documents the extent to which students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways," according to Gardner (1991). According to this theory, "we are all able to know the world through language, logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, the use of the body to solve problems or to make things, an understanding of other individuals, and an understanding of ourselves. Where individuals differ is in the strength of these intelligences - the so-called profile of intelligences -and in the ways in which such intelligences are invoked and combined to carry out different tasks, solve diverse problems, and progress in various domains."

More on Gardner's Theory:   At first, it may seem impossible to teach to all learning styles. However, as we move into using a mix of media as well as "place-based learning", it becomes easier.  As we understand learning styles, it becomes apparent why a mix of stimulating learning tools is far more effective than traditional learning materials and methods.   A review of the literature shows that a variety of decisions must be made when choosing media that is appropriate to learning style.  SMARTgame® helps to reduce the decisions that need to be made by educators, because it supports the whole-child and is like the "kitchen sink" when it comes to tapping into the potential of all learners.


Place based learning is an extremely important aspect of whole-child education.    Learn more about ways to meet students' needs below.  Green Notes is a publication of the Green Schools National Network.  

SMARTgame's® Impactful Design

We address the whole-child, and we reach every student

"A must have for anyone who wants to watch their students self regulate, attend, and succeed repeatedly."   - Jim McGrath, co-founder, Green Schools National Network

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier

Green - environmental stewardship

Orange - Nutrient dense eating

Blue - Physical activity

Purple - Kindness 


We are developing partnerships through a variety of businesses throughout the country.

How do we combine private funds with the public sector in a win/win combination?  -Cyrus Weinberger, founding principal, Red Hawk Elementary, Erie CO.  Creator of "All School Movement."

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