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amA+zing GRACE

Amazing Grace is a special kind of super health hero.  She is modeled after a real life heroin, Grace.  Grace never spoke due to a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome, but her joyful, abundant, productive 13 years of life and special learning needs inspired the creation of the SMARTgame."


Starman is a super health hero that assists amA+zing Grace in her work.  Together, they gather, then spread a special wellness enzyme called "Inner Shine."  Inner shine  works like magic, eliminating harmful build-up that causes disease on earth. It is created and multiplied by smart, healthy decisions that are made by all humans.

Public Relations

On land....

Julia Bellontine

President, CEO

Julia Bellontine is currently a Junior at SUNY New Paltz studying psychology and music.   Julia helps to grow our company via speaking engagements. She inspires others to take healthy actions to keep themselves well physically, emotionally, and mentally through journalling and self-study.  Julia loves being the drummer for "Bby Carrots!"  Follow them at bbycarrotsny on instagram!

Joan Bucchino, MSEd, CLC

In 2006, Joan Bucchino started a 501c3 non-for-profit organization to raise funds and awareness towards a cure for MPSIII -Sanfilippo Syndrome, an incurable metabolic disease that afflicted her daughter Grace.  Joan felt that she could make more headway towards a cure for MPS by creating and sharing her new invention SMARTgame® with as many educators as possible.  SMARTgame's® creation was inspired by watching the behavioral learning techniques Grace's teachers used.  


Joan obtained her sales and marketing experience as an education account representative at Xerox and began her study of whole-health and self-empowerment when she became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, and a fitness instructor over 35 years ago.  This journey continued when she was employed as a national presenter/speaker by internationally renowned self-help expert Anthony Robbins.  Joan's mission to empower young children with winning wellness mindsets was solidified when she became the Mother of Grace, who was perfectly "other-abled."  Joan is the President of J. Grace Corporation, WBE, DBE, has a dual masters-degree in special and general education, is a Souluna Certified life coach, and a Yoga Calm certified whole-child educator.  

Education Outreach

Jim McGrath

Co-Founder Green Schools National Network.  

National Dissemination, Love My Planet SMARTgame®

Jim McGrath co-founded the Green Schools National Network in 2010.  This national movement is now being run by the US Green Building Council and is celebrating it's 7th year! "Education for sustainability helps young people gain the knowledge, skills, motivation and hands-on experiences to make the world a better place for everyone and everything."

Expert Advisors


Founding Director, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center,

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Family Physician, Nutrition Researcher, New York Times Best-Selling Author

John Ratey, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Internationally Recognized Expert in Neuropsychiatry

Jim and Lynea Gillen

Jim- E-RYT-500, Lynea-LPC-RYT-200, Founders of Yoga Calm

Jenny Seydel, Ph.D

Executive Director at Green Schools National Network

Cyrus Weinberger, M.Ed.

Founding Principal, Red Hawk Elementary, Erie, CO

Michele Bouchard

President, HealthCorps

Robin Organ

Founding Director, Project Green Schools

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